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Quality assurance policy

The long-term gathering of our clients’ references has led the company of D.D.D. SERVIS OPAVA v.o.s. to a decision to create, keep records of, apply and maintain the quality management system in compliance with the requirements of the ČSN EN ISO 9001standard.

Our aim is to ensure in a long-term perspective a high quality of all the services we provide for our customers, i.e.:
  • Special protective disinfection, disinfestation and disinsectization in food-processing, agricultural and industrial plants and facilities.
  • Integrated pest control projects within the HACCP standards.
  • Regular DDD service controls in food-processing firms and companies.
  • Special fumigation of the infested supplies and facilities using highly toxic preparations.
  • Consultancy

In accordance with the requirement for raising customer satisfaction and proving our ability to provide services of a high quality standard on a continuous basis, the management of the company of D.D.D. SERVIS OPAVA v.o.s. adopted the quality assurance policy, which is expressed in the following attitudes and approaches:

  1. Communication and knowledge

    are the basic means for understanding, application and maintaing the quality assurance policy in our company

  2. Customer satisfaction

    is the highest aim of all company’s employees.

  3. Customer requirements

    and compliance with the legislative requirements are the key factors that guide all the processes and activities in our company.

  4. Company’s employee

    is the decisive factor in fulfilment of the company’s aims and is systematically engaged in team work.

  5. Quality management system

    and its continual improvement are one of the basic prerequisites for assurance of this policy and for maintaining the company’s competitive ability.

  6. Provision of continual training

    and education for our employees leading to a professional growth of the company’s staff.

  7. Employees’ productivity

    is to be increased by motivation, pleasant working environment and incentives.

  8. High quality

    of our products is guaranteed by our selection of competent suppliers.

  9. Consistent application

    of the appropriate technology and new pieces of knowledge of the technical development leading to a long-term securing of the required quality standard.

  10. Company guarantees

    the environment protection and taking care of health of all its employees in all its activities.
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